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FCSR A-Team vs. Team Slovakia Zurich 2:7

FCSR A vs Team Slovak Zurich

September 20, 2018

Adliswil, Switzerland

For the first time in the history of FC Swiss Re in Zurich, a group of players decided to form their own team and played against their teammates. This group of players has one thing in common – they are all from Slovakia.

Under the leadership of Peter Bobo, the team was put together with 7 members of FCSR plus a few other special guests.

This made it a big challenge for A team captain Michi to have enough players but he rose to the task and he worked very hard to put a team together.

Both team captains announced that they had secret weapons.

For the A team, it was an old friend. And what a secret weapon he was.

FCSR A (experimental formation 3-5-2)

Goal                Philipp Moebus

Defense          Ferhat / Super Mario / Captain Michi

Midfield           Emanuel Buechi/Ediz Herms/Pascal/Matthias/Paul

Attack              Murat/Secret Weapon Ismail

Bench              Seba T/Manoj/Janic/Carmelo/Rodolfo  


FCSR A players who played for the other team: Bobo, Lubos, Gregor, Tomas, Julius, Jozef and Andreas. Referee: Wolfgang

Weather: Perfect



FCSR A scored TWO goals Those 2 goals were scored by Paul and Murat and each came at the end of each half and both were assisted by the secret weapon Ismail Our new goalie Philipp made many good saves but The other team had a secret weapon named Tomas (actually there were 3 Tomas playing yesterday)

He wore number 4 and he scored 7 goals. He knew how to be in the right place and he knew how to shoot.

We lost now two games in a row. Are we in a crisis? No. We played well last week but lost to Allianz Suisse due to some errors. We had our good moments yesterday and we also made mistakes. The game was competitive despite the score,

We have 3 or 4 games left this season. Let's win them all!!!!